The aim of the texturizing process is to adapt appearance and behaviour of synthetic yarns (i.e. yarns that are obtained by chemical processes) to natural fibres (such as cotton, wool, linen, etc.), and to vest them with superior properties. In our company, the texturizing process is applied as POY texturizing, transforming semi-drawn yarns that have a non-curled and non-twisted structure into completely twisted and curled yarns. Comparing texturized yarns having been obtained by means of this process, to straight yarns, the former yarns have a smooth touch as the natural fibres have, a higher heat-retention capacity, and higher elasticity. In our company, various polymers such as PBT, nylon and polyester are texturized either in ecru or black. The types of texturized yarns produced by our company are as follows:

✓ Texturized polyester yarns
✓ Texturized nylon yarns
✓ Texturized PBT yarns