With the aim of providing normal yarns with high, elastomeric properties (stretching and recovering), those yarns that are produced by adding elastane to them are called gimped yarns. Gimped yarns may lengthen under the application of a force, and will recover their original length when such force is neutralised. Gimped yarns may either be obtained as a result of texturized yarns to which elastane is added by means of pressurized air (on gimping machines), or by direct feeding of elastane during the texturizing process (on combined texturizing machines). At our company, either type of production may be performed. Furthermore, twisting with the production of gimped yarns is becoming increasingly popular. Within the structure of our company, both filament fibres and natural fibres may be twisted with elastane, with either single or double layer. Thus, it is provided that the elastane used is completely housed inside the fibre, and that a structure is obtained that is invisible on the fabric’s top face. The types of covered yarns produced by our company are as follows:

✓ Elastane-covered ecru yarns
✓ Elastane-covered black yarns
✓ Elastane-covered blended yarns