Due to the texturized yarn department’s annual capacity of 15,000 tons, Işıksoy Textile company, with its production of elastane-covered polyester and nylon yarns (gimped yarns), and of texturized yarns, respectively, is one of Turkey’s leading companies. With the production of “SEM” brand gimped polyester and nylon yarns, Işıksoy Textile company attends to the producers of woven, hosiery, circular-knitted, and seamless fabrics, respectively. Işıksoy Textile company, which is in the position of being the biggest supplier of elastane-covered nylon yarns in Turkey, has adopted meeting its customers’ wishes to the fullest extend and just-in-time as a principle, with its expert staff and its state-of-the-art machinery, and without making any concessions to quality. Our company performs all physical and chemical testing that is related to its products’ quality in its own, modern laboratory, and thus keeps product quality, and, accordingly, customer satisfaction at top level. With its S.E.M brand, our company that has adopted quality as a principle is attending to various Turkish and European customers.