Işıksoy Textile company started up its dyeing factory in 2007. This facility is built on a covered area of 15,000 square meters. The monthly capacity of the plain-dyeing department, where fabrics made of cotton, polyester, viscose, floss, and nylon type fibres, and of their mixes, as well as their elastane-covered derivatives are dyed, is 2,000,000 meters of fabric. By means of the great number of machines installed in the finishing department, these fabrics are given the requested touch and other properties. In our dyeing factory, all processes applied to both fabric and yarn are monitored at every stage by means of the company-internal MRP software. All dyestuffs and chemicals that are used in our company are ecological ones, according to EU legislation, and comply with the occupational health criteria. At the purification plant of DOSAB Industrial Zone, all waste water produced in our company is purified for re-use. Our dyeing factory is equipped in such way as to be able to very rapidly satisfy both the company-internal and the external (the contract-manufacturers’) requests. All physical and chemical testing is performed in the laboratory of Işıksoy Textile company’s dyeing factory by an experienced dyeing factory laboratory team. In its Quality Control department, all related controls are made with high precision. Then, these controls are reported.