Those candidates, who wish to get employed in a vacant position in our company, apply with our Human Resources department

a) either personally, or by sending their CV,

b) by answering a job advertissement, or

c) by complying with the internal advertisement of a vacancy.

All candidates, who apply for an employment, are requested to fill in the “Employment Application Form“. It is essential that this form is filled in giving complete and correct answers. This Employment Application Form is only for application purposes; it does not mean that the applicant is now employed. Those candidates, who are invited to come to a job interview, have to bear the knowledge and skills described in the “Staff Application Form”, to have their military service completed, or to have no further dealings with it, except any special situations required by the related duty. (Interns and temporarily employed staff are not affected by the scope of this clause.)

– Those candidates, who are invited to an interview, are subject to all tests required for the related position. Personality Inventory, General Ability, General Knowledge, and Foreign Language Grading Tests are applied to the white-collar candidates, whereas Personality Inventory tests are applied to the blue-collar candidates.

– After these test having been applied, an interview is made by the Recruitment Specialist, based on the qualification required for the related position.

The decision to employ those candidates, who are approved on completion of both the interviews and the references check, is taken by the Human Resources manager and the related department’s manager. Those candidates, for whom such decision is taken, are introduced to the General Manager for approval.

Those candidates, who have been approved also by the General Manager, have to undergo a health check, and the decision to employ this candidate is communicated to him/her. Those candidates, who, as a result of the interviews made, are disapproved, are called by phone to communicate the result.