Our Human Resources Management policy

We commit

✓ to initiate, and to manage, a positive change according to the company strategies, and to provide that the manpower need is    met, by planning both the existing and the future human resources,

✓ to define the human resources, who are innovative, open to development, who have high personal awareness, and who easily may be adapted to the company strategies and aims, and to make investments in these human resources by creating equal opportunities,

✓ to establish an open and reliable communication environment, with the aim of providing a corporate culture that both our company and our employees shall adopt for it/themselves,

✓to provide that the understanding of a common and fair performance system is adopted, in which the employee is appreciated and esteemed, with the aim of supporting his/her both personal and vocational development,

✓ to continuously improve the levels of satisfaction according to both our company’s and our employees’ expectations, and, with this aim, to measure the employees’ perception of satisfaction in regular intervals,

✓ to follow-up, and to control, whether the employees are working in a working environment that complies with both the labour laws and the social responsibility policy of Işıksoy Textile, Inc. company, and to evaluate all requests and complaints made in this concern,

✓ to promote that the employees participate in the training process, and to establish the “win-win” philosophy between company and employee, by means of providing the use of both internal and external sources,

✓ to structure all employee-related activities as process management, to execute, to monitor, to report, and to continuously develop these, as well as

✓to work in a horizontal relationship among all departments also in all of the company’s work processes, and to serve in an always friendly, sharing, and reliable manner.