Our company that is within the understanding of a people-focussed management has structured all its processes on these values. At this stage, it is organizing schedules for trainings that will increase the employees’ both level of competences and of knowledge, and is promoting their participation in events and activities that will provide both sectoral and personal development.

At the same time, in line with R&D and toward innovation, our management is promoting also the participation of our employees in external trainings, aiming at promoting the raise of their awareness, and relating to those activities to be performed by them.


Our external trainings:

✓ Communication training with customer focus

✓ Motivation

✓ MOKS – Creating productive employees

✓ Efficient communication training and conflict management training, applying creative drama

✓ Teamwork

✓ Developing skills training for the middle management

✓ Professional management skills – System leadership

✓ Problem-solving techniques

✓ Training on consumer behaviours and on creating new markets

✓ Training on building corporate culture, applying creative drama