Our target, as Isiksoy Textile, is to be among the best in leaders of sector with our knowledge and experience by right analyzing of trends of change. Our company, which has reached up to 1000 dynamic and expert employees, with its long-standing background and is committed to raising the level of contribution to the national economy, has succeeded to become a brand with its technolohical integrated production facilities respecting people and the environment. It has gained an important place in the sector with its quality products and service by managing the ever-changing customer needs and developments in the sector in the best way.

Conscious of the fact that change and development is one of the most important factors for a company to exist in the future, it has adopted innovation as the basic building block in all processes. With the new product studies carried out within the R & D Center and the R & D projects supported by TUBITAK, it is advancing by improving the product range based on efficiency to meet the needs of the textile sector. With new investments and technological production systems, the desire to provide better service to customers continues to increase day by day. As a wholly national capital Turkish company, it is our greatest source of pride to respond to the domestic and international needs of the textile industry and to serve the country with our increasing export capacity.