Becoming the leader in its sector, and a globally demanded textile brand, with the understanding of innovative products and services.


Within the textile sector, IŞIKSOY TEXTILE company has succeeded to become a brand, due to its experienced, dynamic and friendly staff, and its integrated production facilities for yarns and fabrics, respectively, facilities that are run with state-of-the-art technology, and in a both employee- and environment-friendly way.

It has adopted

✓ the commitment to the ethical values,

✓ the philosophy of continuous development and innovation,

✓ the focussing on both employee and customer satisfaction, as well as

✓ the understanding of a high-quality and rapid service.

We are a company that has adopted the increasing of both its market share on the international markets, and its level of contribution to the national economy as a principle.

Quality Policy

Our fundamental strategic approach is to reach perfection with both product and service quality, by means of making use of both our experience and the current technological developments. Accordingly, our fundamental principles that will guide us in performing all our processes will be as follows:

✓ Continuously improving the efficiency of the Quality Management System,

✓ developing the performance of product quality and delivery,

✓ increasing customer satisfaction, and providing its endurance,

✓ focussing on the development of our employees by means of scheduled and systematical trainings that are aiming at providing the continuity of our policy, as well as

✓ providing the continuous development of our R&D activities.

R&D strategy

Our R&D strategy is not only fundamental research, invention or copying, but establishing a road map that leads from the idea to profit, by means of an ecosystem that supports also the commercialisation process.


Our main goal is to become the leader of our sector with innovative products and service concept in demand all over the world.


In the textile sector, ISIKSOY TEXTILE has succeeded to become a brand with its experienced, dynamic, friendly staff, respect to human and environment and with its technological integrated yarn and fabric production facilities;


✓ Commitment to ethical values,

✓ Take as a fundamental belief of continuous improvement and innovation

✓ Employee and customer satisfaction

✓ High qualitiy service and fast service

Işıksoy Tekstil has become a company that has managed to increase its market share and contribution to the national economy in the international market.

R&D Strategy

Our R&D strategy is not only fundamental research, invention or copying, but establishing a road map that leads from the idea to profit, by means of an ecosystem that supports also the commercialisation process.

Quality Policy

Our main strategic approach is achieving excellence in product and service quality by utilizing our experience and current technological developments. Accordingly, our basic principles to guide all our processes will be:

✓ To continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System,

✓ Improve product quality and delivery performance,

✓ To increase customer satisfaction and ensure continuity,

✓ To improve our employees through planned and scheduled trainings to ensure the continuty of our policy,

✓ To provide continuous development of R & D activities.

Information Security Management System Policy

As IŞIKSOY textile and its employees, which have a significant position in the textile sector, our policy adopted to define and manage all kinds of risks to our business continuity and information assets is as follows:

✓ Documenting and constantly improving our data security management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013,

✓ To provide compliance with all legal regulations and contracts pertaining to information security,

✓ Systematic management of risks to information assets,

✓ To ensure that training to develop technical and behavioural skills are held with the aim of increasing awareness of information security,

✓ Providing continuity of our basic and supporting work activities,

✓ Ensuring that information is accessible only to authorized persons and separation of duties,

✓ Increasing the training activities and providing necessary training opportunities to all our employees regarding ISMS and supporting the necessary human resources for the subject.

Energy Management System Policy

We aim to increase our competitiveness by reducing unit energy consumption and environmental impacts per product by applying active, continuous and efficient energy management techniques within the framework of sustainable production principles.

To achieve these targets;

✓ To continuously improve energy performance and efficiency of Energy Management System,

✓ To follow all our energy performance data and to provide all necessary information and resources to reach our targets and objectives through periodic reviews and renewals,

✓ In order to make better of energy performance, purchasing of energy-efficient products services and to consider and support designs to improve energy performance

✓ To get our employees efficient energy usage habits in all processes with trainings and to actively contribute to energy management system,

✓ Comply with applicable legal and other requirements that we are obliged to comply with in terms of energy efficiency, energy use and consumption,

We undertake to comply with all the terms written above.